Sunday, July 1, 2012

I am kinda nervous/embarrassed to tell my story in here. Here it goes :)

I was always pretty fit growing up. I played softball, marched color guard, and did various other activities that kept me moving. I ate pretty much whatever I wanted but could keep the weight off because I was always moving. We ate a lot of fast food and processed junk food. I can remember coming home from school and eating a bowl of nachos with nasty cheese whiz or oreo cookies. In my senior year of high school it started to catch up with me. I didn't stay active after my activities were over for the year. I got engaged to my husband, moved out of my parents house, graduated, and got married all in the course of a year. I went from 130 to 190 in a year.

It didn't get any better after we got married. Josh was in school and worked full time & I just worked. I spent a lot of evenings home by myself eating JUNK or out with friends eating JUNK! The pounds kept creeping up.

Fast forward a few years to my second pregnancy. I was HUGE!!!! After I gave birth in February of 2005 I weighed almost 240 pounds. Just disgusting! In 2006 we were on a family vacation and had pictures taken and when I saw them that was my "moment." I told Josh that as soon as we got home we were signing up for the YMCA and we did just that.

That was the best decision that I think we have ever made. We were both overweight and made a commitment to ourselves and to each other that we were going to lose weight. I started out just walking on the dreadmill and the elliptical and eventually graduated to group excercise classes where I met Kelly McGee Erickson. She was such an inspiration and great motivator for me. In the course of a year I had lost 75 pounds. I felt great and looked great. I was an excercise machine and was eating really well. In 2007 I got pregnant again. I maintained the working out and eating well through out the whole pregnancy.

What happened from there over the last 4 years????? I started eating less clean and working out less. HOWEVER, eating is the main problem for me. I just can't seem to NOT eat. I make the worst choices.

I am really hoping to turn my life back around and get back on track. I know that was really long and for that I apologize ;)

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  1. Appreciate your honesty, and totally understand. Pregnancy weight is so hard to get off! I miss the Y - boohoo!