Monday, July 9, 2012

fave product

Good afternoon bloggees!

I will make this short and sweet today :)  I know I didn't post any Tasty Eats on Friday.  I promise I will post 2 this week. 

This week's Favorite Product is........Nathan's Handheld Water Bottles!!!!

This little sucker has saved me soooo many times.  Today was no exception.  I filled my water bottle with ice and some cold water and went out with my friend Kim to go rollerblading!  It was a HOT one, even at 8am.  I debated on whether or not to take it, but boy was I glad I did.  By the time we were finished skating I had sucked down the entire bottle of water.  It is sooooooo nice and convenient.  You can slip it right on your hand and it's like it's not even there while you are enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.

The Nathan's Handheld Water Bottles come in a variety of sizes and colors.  You can get them at sporting stores or online.  We own a few of their products and they are the bomb :)

July 8th-14th Schedule
Sunday- rest day
Monday- 4.5 miles of rollerblading, 45 minutes of spin, and 55 minutes of Kickboxing
Tuesday- I haven't decided....either 60 minutes of weight lifting  or 55 minutes of kickboxing
Wednesday- 45 minutes of spin
Thursday- possibly tabata 2x
Friday-  kickboxing 55 minutes
Saturday- 3-4 mile run with my Strider friends :)

*****at any point this week i may decide to add a run in there just because I think I need it :)



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