Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July~Wokout Wednesday

Happy birthday America!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th so far.  I started of my day with awesome people doing the Lutz Independence Day 5k!  It was hotter than a b*tch out, but what do ya expect in Florida in July.  My time was not great, but that doesn't matter today, I got out there and did it! Going out with a group of friends is the best way to start the day off :)

Being that it is Workout Wednesday I am posting some Tabata workouts.  Some of you are probably saying who, huh, what?  Tabata is an intense workout.  It is 4 minutes of a high intensity exercise done 20 seconds on and seconds rest with a 1 minute rest between each set.  It may sound easy, but if you are doing it to your max then you will definently feel it.

Tabata= 20 seconds on/10seconds rest for 4 minutes
Set 1~ Mountain Climbers

Set 2~ Tricep (Cobra) Push ups

Set 3~  Spiderman Plank~ Plank position alternating right toe touch/right side of body and left toe touch left side of body.

Set 4~  Squat Jumps

Set 5~  Heavy weighted bicep curl

Set 6~  High knees (running in place)

**There you have it!  That should take you at least half an hour to do if you do correctly and take the 1 minute break in between sets.

***If you are advanced I recommend going through this twice.  Just load up some killer tunes and rock through this workout!

There are tabata timer apps that you can download to your smartphone or Ipod to get you through these kid of workouts.  ie...tabata timer & HIIT interval timer, they are both free.

God bless America~Have a fantastic fourth everyone!

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