Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Workout Wednesday

I have been killin' it the gym this week, how about you?  What does your workout schedule look like?
Here is what mine has been:
~Monday- Roller bladed 4.5 miles with my friend Kim in the morning and then I taught a Street Fighting class in the evening.
~Tuesday- Kickboxing 
~Wednesday- I taught a 45 minute Spin class and took an hour yoga class.
~Thursday-  I will probably run a few mile on the dreadmill and teach Tabata for an hour.
~Friday-  Kickboxing/Street Fighting is on the schedule again
~Saturday-  Running with the Striders

Here is an example of a little upper body workout that my friend Dorine does at the end of kickboxing.

10 overhead presses with heavy weights
10 push ups
9 overhead presses
9 pushups
....and so on and so forth down to one press and one push up.  It seems like it wouldn't be too hard.  IT SHOULD BE HARD!  Your upper body should be shaking.  This is a fast moving set.  As soon as you are done with the presses you are going right into those push ups.  NO BREAKS in between.  The weights that you are using should be heavy.  If you do this whole set and feel like it was easy, use heavier weights next time.  I usually use 8 or 10 pound weights.

****If you would like to add intensity to this, pyramid back up.  Grab a quick sip of water and start back up with 1 press and 1 push up.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!!!

xo, Jen

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