Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Workout Wednesday :)

There are NO excuses for not working out!  Okay, maybe a few are acceptable but plain laziness is no excuse.
This morning I am being forced to get in the ark and make my way to the YMCA to teach a 9:45 SPIN class.  It has been raining since yesterday. I'm hoping that  the members brave the storm with me.

Have you ever taken a spin class before?  If not, you should go try one.  There are so many benefits of Spin.  

  1. BURN, BURN, BURN those calories.  A 30 minute Spin class can burn as many as 500 calories. Whoop Whoop, who doesn't want to burn calories?
  2. Cardiovascular Health~
  3. Progress at you own pace.  The amount of resistance that you apply and the speed of your legs is totally up to you.  This is a push at your own pace kind of class.  The instructor is there to guide you along.  
  4. Mental Strength~  Everyone has good days and bad.  When you go to Spin you can close your eyes and push yourself through the bad.  Just remember, everyone has something that they are pushing through!

Today's Spin Class

Warm up~Linkin Park- What I've done
Mixed Terrain~Usher- Dj Got Us Fallin in Love- Pick up at the pace at the 1st chorus, back off, climb through next 2 chorus'. 
Sprints~ Enrique- I like how it feels.  Surge through the chorus.
Climb~ No Stress- Start cranking your tension, when the chorus is coming up get out of the saddle and climb.
Flat~ Jimmy Eat World. Use this as a recovery.  NOT A BREAK!
Climbing~ Taio Cruz~Higher
Sprints~ Maroon 5~ Moves Like Jagger
Climb~ Chris Brown~Yeah 3x~Pick up the pace on the chorus
Sprints~ Young the Giant~My body~GREAT PICK ME UP SONG!                      
            ~  Matchbox 20~ How Far We've Come~ Go all out!!!!!!!
Cooldown~ Howie Day~ Collide~Acoustic version
               ~ David Crowder Band~ How he loves~Acoustic version

There you have it!!!!  That was my morning workout in a nutshell.  
Oh yeah~ I also added weights since i got to the gym so dang early after dropping the kiddos off at VBS!  It was nice, but I really would rather have a work out buddy.  Working out on the floor alone is the pits sometimes! 



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