Monday, January 28, 2013


So from here on out through the rest of this training every Saturday's post will probably be a LONGEST EVER!  Leah & I's training plan doesn't officially start until January 28th, but we decided we would go for it anyways.
So if you followed last week, went went 6 miles in Starkey Park.  It was nice, calm, serene, and we saw new scenery.  This was a big deal.  It also intrigued us.  We knew we were almost to the enchanted forest so we wanted to go a little farther this week.  I am proud to say that our curiosity made us go just a smidge farther.  We had planned on seven and we did 7.4.  WOOHOO!  The point four miles was because I wanted to make it to the little building on the trail (which we did~and i was SERIOUSLY hoping it was was a bathroom~it was not~boo).  I was happy that curiosity sucked us in because we met up with Rachel and Becky for a few minutes and then they carried on with their run because they were cold. 
At this point,  we decided we would try out some of the goods I brought with us~Shot Blocks.  One word~YUCK!!!!!!!!!  They were so freaking gummy.  How the heck do you chew those damn things while you are running?!?!?!  I could only suck down one and we were off.  (Still trying to suck shot blocks out of my damn teeth).
Off we went, gummy teeth and all, and now the cold was starting to set in.  It seemed much colder than when we started, I'm guessing because we were sweaty.  GET READY FOR IT.....THIS IS TMI, SO IF YOU'RE NOT IN THE MOOD~STOP READING!
Around mile 4.5 My legs were starting to hurt, but not like muscle hurt.  Like rug burn hurt.  Yep, you guessed it, freaking chafe!  What the hell!  This only happens when it's cold, never when it's hot!  Yes~now the word is ~GLIDE! If you're a runner, you know what this is!
I was hoping that I would never have to buy this, but I guess if I don't wanna have issues I am going to have to.  BOO!
ANYWAYS~we ran our last few miles stopping at  the water stops and maybe one time before we saw the awesome brown sign.  When you can see this it means you're almost done.  Usually when we see we pick up pace.  I was wondering if I would still be able to pick up pace after adding more miles, but I don't know why I was sweating it because I did.  I think more or less because I know we are almost done, but I also like to see if I can push myself!

So we did it~7.5 beautiful miles.  We saw a baby buck with his horns growing in, they were so little.  Oh and we had 2 or 3 deer cross our path while we were running. 

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