Sunday, January 20, 2013

Glow Run 1/12/13

This was all about the GIRLS!!!!!!  Running with friends is awesome so why not do a "fun run" and make a weekend out of it?!?!?!  That was exactly what my girls and I did!  Best decision ever.  We left our husbands, significant others, and kids at home and headed out Saturday at noon for a night of fun!

We checked in at the hotel, had lunch, went to packet pick up and got ready, blah, blah, blah!  Get on with it right?

The girls and I headed out an hour and half before the run to check it out.  We so kindly asked the valet dude to take our picture~i'm pretty sure he thought we were crazy, looking the way we did.
Tutus~check.  Neon socks~check. Glow necklaces~check.  Corn rows~check.  Yep you read it right, this girl rolled out in corn rows.  Had to try something different.
Anyways I digress.  We left early to go check things out, I mean this was a fun run.  There was a DJ and we had to go people watch!  We waited, waited, and waited.  There's only so much people watching you can do before you start getting anxious.  Soooo, what do you while you wait?????
DUH~ you dance!  Um, yeah that was us at the start line dancing.  REMEMBER~"FUN RUN."  I'm all about it.

FINALLY~6:30 came and we were off.  Like most starts it was kind of cluster.  Especially with this kind of run.  I mean I'm no ELITE runner by any stretch, but seriously there were people in the front who were walking and just pissing around.  Just GET THE HELL OUTTA THE WAY.  Not only did we have clueless people we had to deal with kids who were weaving in and out of the people and making a dead stop right in front of you just to pick up the freaking glow necklaces that people dropped along the way!  I wanted to scream~for real kid, go ask your mom to buy you some, we got them at the dollar store!
It took us about a half mile to weave and get in a good groove, but we did and it looked something like this..
Thanks Leah for being the only one smart enough to bring a small camera ;)
I felt pretty good as we chugged on along through the course.  The Glow Run's advertised "glow zones" sucked.  No one really knew what to do, we didn't understand what the big deal was.  So, Leah, Melissa, Jamie, & I just plugged on along.  We blew through two water stops and a really nasty smelling area. 
Stupid me forgot the Garmin in the hotel room, but I think his may have worked for me instead of against me.  I am a constant watch checker when I have it.  I want to see our pace and how much farther we have~ALL THE TIME!  This run I was feeling pretty good until I realized it wasn't an out and back.  Usually I don't mind that, but it was so dark and I could not see where we were finishing.  We rounded a few corners where people were telling us, "You're almost there!"  In my little brain~I was thinking I can't see crap, so I don't believe ya.  Then, it got really dark and Jamie & Leah took off.  I was a little hesitant with the inability to see.  THEN Melissa calls my name and screams," Let's GO~WE'RE RIGHT THERE!"  I picked up pace and then it got darker.  I admit I had a slight panic attack because I couldn't see, but I caught up to her and she held my hand to guide me to the finish line.  What a good friend!  I am so lucky to have her!  We were booking it to that finish line.  If you know me well, you know that's my style.  There is no measly stroll across the finish line for me, I am going BALLS TO THE WALL.   So we went balls to the wall and the our balls were stopped dead in our tracks at the finish line.  Not 20 feet after the finish, literally at the finish!  GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY PEOPLE! 
Are you ready for the best part?!?!?!?!?!  As we were crossing the finish line times were being called out.  Wait for it.......wait for it.......29:35!  Yep that's right!  This girl PR'd at a fun run!  I have never gotten below 30 minutes!  I was stoked.  WOOHOO!  Next up~find the rest of the crew.  First we found Leah & Jamie.
Then we found the rest of the crew!

This was a great experience and one to check off the list!  A good time was had by all!

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