Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Starting from square 1

WOW~is all that I can say!!!!  On Monday I went to take Body Combat (ya know that class that I teach) from my sweet friend, Jackie and she KILLED me!  Or I killed me.  Her energy is so contagious and I was so anxious after being out of commission for the last weeks.  I literally feel like I am starting from square from one.  Have you ever felt like that?  It was an amazing workout and I felt great, but man oh man.  When I woke up Tuesday I was a little sore.  Okay, I expected that.  What I did not expect was how sore I felt when I woke up Wednesday!  OOOOOMMMMGGGGGGG!  I'm not complaining though.

I have also gotten a few runs in.  Yes, I did this before being released by my doctor. Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone.  My first run was on Memorial day, and I could not have asked for a better run.  The weather was gorgeous and the company was amazing as always.  The next couple of runs were umm.....not great.  Somebody apparently felt like it was a good idea to flip the humidity switch and I felt it big time.  Again, felt like I was starting over.  That's okay though, I will not let anything knock down.  


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  1. Welcome back, mama! It is hot out there. Take it easy and don't kill yourself or allow Jackie kill you. lol One step at a time and you'll get there! I'm still struggling with trying to get back to the pace I used to run. It's frustrating. I have good days and bad days, but all that matters is that I keep moving. So just keep moving!